Serge Michel

32 Years • 79.2 KG


Serge Michel was a very successful amateur boxer. The 31-year-old, who learned boxing under the tutelage of his father and trainer Eduard Michel at the famous German boxing club TuS Traunreut, won the German national championships in 2014 and the prestigious Chemistry Cup in 2016. The same year the „Bavarian Sniper“ qualified for the Rio Olympics, where he competed for Team Germany.

Michel made his professional debut in the light heavyweight division with a knockout win in March of 2017. Serge put up a winning streak of eight in a row and won the German International Championship as well as the WBC International title during that time. In April of 2019 the Bavarian suffered his first defeat against Canadian Ryan Ford, but came back strong in the following months.

Right now Michel competes in the Golden Contract tournament, organised by MTK Global. He won his first fight in impressive fashion on December 14th 2019 against undefeated Scotsman Tommy Philbin and advanced to the semi-finals.

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