Christina Hammer

31 Years

Lukas Tulovic

22 Years

Denis Radovan

27 Years, 76 KG

Sophie Alisch

18 Years, 56.8 KG

Artur Mann

32 Years, 90.7 KG

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O1NE.Sport is a full-service sports management and marketing agency dedicated to supporting athletes in all aspects of their careers. Our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and sports professionals who use their knowledge and expertise to help athletes reach their full potential and succeed.

Our founder, Daniel Todorovic, has extensive experience in project management and specializes in the career management of professional athletes. Gregor Haslberger is a renowned athletic trainer who has worked with many successful athletes, including Olympic ski jump champions and multiple world champions Sven Hannawald and Martin Schmidt, as well as multiple Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel. He also operates a successful gym with over 2000 members.

We at O1NE.Sport are proud to offer athletes comprehensive support in all aspects of their careers. Whether it’s sports marketing, career development and planning, athletic training, or financial and legal advice, our goal is to ensure that athletes have everything they need to be successful and reach their full potential.


Gregor Haslberger

Strength & Conditioning Coach


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